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CSA Blacksilver -unique- Cruiser, Command (CCO) Flagship
CSA Alexandria Belle Alexandria Missile Frigate (FG) Despayre
CSA Darktower Darktower Adv. Destroyer (DR) TF Hunter
CSA Excalibur Black Star Destroyer (DD) TF Hunter
CSA Arcadia Valhalla Escort, Corvette (EC) Despayre
CSA Aurora Valhalla Escort, Corvette (EC) Various
CSA Elysia Valhalla Escort, Corvette (EC) Deneb
CSA Valhalla Valhalla Escort, Corvette (EC) Deneb
CSA Erma Felna Bricriu Scout, Armored (SA) Despayre
CSA Jennifer Brisby Bricriu Scout, Armored (SA) TF Hunter
CSA Orion Orion Scout, Recon, Jump (SRJ) Various
USS Alien -unique- Cruiser, Fast, Battle (ZCFB) (1) Various
USS Appleseed -unique- Cruiser, Fast, Battle (ZCFB) (1) Various
CSA Pioneer Pioneer Tender, Jumpgate (TJ) Repair/Contruct
CSA Beagle Beagle Astrographic Survey (AR) Talon
CSA Calypso Beagle Astrographic Survey (AR) Star's End
CSA Edge Horizon Breakbulk Freighter (AC) Deneb
CSA Spiral Horizon Tender, Mining (TM) Despayre
CSA Centennial CY-1150 Auxiliary, Cargo, Light (ACL) Deneb
CSA Anniversary CY-1150 Auxiliary, Cargo, Light (ACL) Deneb
CSA Salvor Maria AS0749 Auxiliary, Salvage (AS) Despayre
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This list does not include short-range pinnaces or cutters used for system defense and spaceguard operations. Small craft descriptions (including shuttles, fighters, and shrikes) can be found here.


  1. USS Appleseed and USS Alien are outfitted with standard warp drive.

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